M.A.D. Recycling Program

GMI has partnered with Rashelley Morgan, one of our very own #gmitribe members and her efforts to make the world a little less trashy.  

Join us to help reduce unnecessary waste in our landfill and support our global ecosystem.  You can do this by donating unwanted items like your discarded glitter bags after transfer day and packaging materials from your sparkle deliveries.  These are simple steps that "Make A Difference", M.A.D! 

Like and Follow M.A.D.'s official FB page for a full list of donation "do's and don'ts" and to see how your trash is being turned into treasure for a good cause.  Please message M.A.D. directly for questions and inquiries.  https://www.facebook.com/WeAreOfficiallyMAD

Please understand that at this time you will need to cover any shipping costs.  If you're interested in participating, send your donations to the following location:

8420 N Ivanhoe St #83329 Portland, OR 97283 (FEDEX/USPS)

PO BOX 83329 Portland, OR 97283 (UPS)

Any proceeds obtained from items sold will be returned to the community in non-profit outreach and support programs.  

Check out M.A.D's official website https://www.weareofficiallymad.com

You can also learn more about Morgan and her artist efforts at the following link.  https://morganofficiallyart.com/about-the-m_a_d_-project