Sparkle Squad

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What is the Sparkle Squad?

Only THE coolest and most exclusive squad in all of Glitterdom!

What do I get for my $9.95/mo?

  • A whopping  40% off  almost everything in the store. 
  • All the time. 
  • Whenever you want.
  • It's as close to wholesale pricing as you can get!
  • Making our absolutely gorgeous glitter basically the cheapest you can find to boot.

What's not included in the Sparkle Squad?

Gift cards and mystery subscription boxes (COMING SOON) are not included.

Hold up, does this include all brand new colors released in your Color Blasts?

That's a BIG10-4 Good Sparkly! 

All of our colors and micas are included in your exclusive Squad membership.

What about shipping costs?

Shipping is handled the same way as all of your orders. 
If you build your cart to $100+ (after your Squad discount) we'll still ship your order for nada, zilch, zippo. 
aka FREE.

So, if you love our glitter, or want to give the most gorgeous glitter on planet Earth a try, at the cheapest cost pretty much anywhere then you NEED to join the Sparkle Squad.

Wait wait wait, there are bonuses too?

Don't tell Heather, but... you betcha!  We'll work in some special perks just for Squad members. 

Just spit balling here:

  • Early access to some new colors
  • Chance to name our new colors
  • Exclusive Squad giveaways

What if I want to cancel?

That's totally fine. 
You are free to cancel whenever you want through your account dashboard. 
Although, not sure why'd you want to go back to paying full price. 
But, the power is totally in your hands!
*NOTE: Once your Sparkle Squad status has been canceled you will still get to enjoy your extra savings through the end of your latest billing cycle.  You will not be charged again, but there are no refunds of prior weeks/months prior to canceling.

Why are you still reading this? 

Go ahead and join the Squad already!  We're waiting for ya.