Cookies Policy

This is not a legalise written page.  We are writing this in plain English in the hopes it makes the most sense as possible to all of our valued visitors and customers.  

What are cookies?

Cookies are just names of small text files that store information about your activities online to help make your online experience more enjoyable and more tailored for you.

What do cookies do?

They store activity information.  For example, if you ever have a username or password automatically show up on a site that you use regularly the web browser your using remembers that information by using cookies.

Another example would be if you visit a store online like and are looking at a set of kitchen knives and then see other related products to that kitchen knife from Amazon either on another website or when you go back to the preference for that kind of product is stored due to using cookies.  

They make it easier for you to find the things you like and get access to the things you need online.

What cookies does SUTMM use?

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook
  • Shopify

What information do these cookies take and track?

Google Analytics - We use Google Analytics to monitor the functionality of our site, as well as, ensure the best possible experience for all of our visitors by providing the most relevant products to the right people.  Specifically, we can see the amount of time visitors spend on each page of the site, as well as how are marketing campaigns are performing.

Facebook - We advertise using the suite of services provided by Facebook Inc. Their cookies allow us to see which pages of our store visitors come to.  We are able to compile those data points to create customized audiences in their marketing platform to help us reach our desired ideal customers for each product we sell.  This is helpful for us because we can maximize our ad dollars.  This is helpful for our visitors because we don't end up showing irrelevant products to them.  For example, it is hard to expect a 55 year male who enjoys camping to purchase a set of makeup brushes.  

What identifiable information can be used to market to me from Facebook's cookie?


  • Where you go on our site
  • An age range of 10 years from how old you've told Facebook
  • Gender
  • Interests that you've told Facebook directly or by your interactions with posts on Facebook.  For example, say you love dogs and you share posts about dogs and comment on posts about dogs.  Then you would be placed into an interest group on Facebook for people who like dogs.
  • Location.  Advertisers like us are able to target users down to the city/zip based off of your use of the Facebook app and city you input into Facebook.

    What information about me IS NOT taken from Facebook's cookie you use?

    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Anything that is personally identifiable is not tracked nor made available to us from Facebook

    Shopify - Our store is built on the Shopify platform.  They will utilize cookies during the checkout process to help you checkout faster.  You must opt in for this additional free service to be applied.  A specific example would be storing your shipping address.

    We do not know who you are in any specific way beyond pools of information that are put into an audience of everyone else that visits our site.

    The only time we know your personal information like Name, Address, etc is when you checkout and purchase a product from us.  Your Name, Address, and contact information are stored to help us make sure you get your packages.

    Your payment information is never stored nor made available to us in any way.

    We hope this guide has been clear and helpful to you.  If you should have any further questions regarding how we utilize cookies on our site please don't hesitate to contact us at

    Thank you very much!