What's a GMI Freebie?!

A GMI Freebie is a free color addition to your order.  This freebie is a colors that just didn't make the cut.  Whether as a color discrepancy, dye issue or may even include bits of runaway glitter.  The hope is that this bonus puts a smile on your face and you are able to incorporate it in a once of a kind project, or pass it on.  These colors will not be available in the store for future purchase and we have not named them.   

The purpose of a GMI Freebie is not to create hurt feelings, or make it seem like you're missing out.  If you get one, consider it your lucky day and do something nice for someone else.  If you don't get one, understand it's not personal, we still love and appreciate you! It's kind of like the lottery, just because you play, doesn't mean you'll win.