Lost or Missing Packages

The vast majority of our packages have no issues being delivered, but there are a small percentage that the Post Office either loses, delivers to the wrong address, or is holding somewhere not moving.

This can be VERY frustrating.  We are right there with you.  Nothing frustrates us more than our shipping partners delaying the arrival of your package! 

However, please do not get upset at us.  Once your package has left our warehouse we literally have zero control on when it is delivered.

Steps To Getting Your Lost Glitter:

1. If your package is lost or missing please contact your local USPS branch.

2. If after you've been in contact with USPS and they determine your package is officially gone/lost/stolen and you paid for Priority Shipping each package is insured up to $100.  You can file an insurance claim for the lost package by going here: https://onlineclaims.usps.com/OICWeb/

Once you receive your tracking number and it reads accepted in the tracking page it is 100% out of our hands.  We cannot hunt it down for you because at that point it's no longer our property.  You will get much faster results by contacting your local post office.

If a package of yours is in this lost or missing category we kindly ask you to direct your frustrations to the USPS and not to us, because again, we can't do anything to make it go faster.  You can though!  By you calling your local post office they will have the ability to GPS locate the package and get it moving again.  

To keep these occurrences to the absolute minimum, please please please double check that your shipping address is 100% accurate prior to completing your checkout.  If your package was delivered to the address you provided and the address you provide was wrong we unfortunately cannot reship out that package for free.  We can and will offer a discount for you to reorder the glitter to make it more affordable be we cannot afford to replace your order.

PLEASE double check your shipping address accuracy!

Thank you for your patience and understanding and directing your frustrations to the USPS and not the tiny family owned business who gets your order shipped out within 1-2 business days, every single time.

If after you have been in contact with the USPS and they are telling you it's a lost cause. Please contact us.  Please provide us with some form of communication verification with the USPS and we will help you get your glitter.

In the event a package was delivered, and the Post Office verifies it was delivered to the correct address, we will extend a 1 time courtesy of resending the glitter order as long as you cover the reshipment of that package.  

Again, we are tiny company and cannot afford to give away free glitter.  Please don't take advantage of us.