Birthstone Colors


January Mother Knows Best & Dr. Pepper (Garnet)
February Ursula's Lair (Amethyst)
March Glass Slipper & Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue (Aquamarine)
April Girl's Best Friend (Diamond)
May Palace of Oz & Emerald Isle (Emerald)
June Green Eyed Purple People Eater & Gamora (Alexandrite)
Ice Capades & Fresh Snow (Pearl)
July Ruby Red Slippers & Red Solo Cup (Ruby)
August Baby Yoda & Kermit (Peridot)
September Gotta Go Fast & Sexy Blue Eyes (Sapphire)
October Aurora's Sparkle (Tourmaline)
November Campfire (Citrine & Gold Topaz)
December  The Queen's Crown (Tanzanite), The Shallows (Blue Topaz)