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Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter

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There's a war coming over this color, lol!

We ship all of our chunky glitters in a 2oz bag and we only ship by weight NOT by volume. Don't get cheated by anyone selling you empty air! We put pride behind all of our glitter colors to ensure the absolute shiniest and best quality glitters available anywhere on planet Earth. If you're looking for the best glitter experience out there, you've found it.

Product Specifications:

Glitter Type: Color Shifting Chunky Mix
Glitter Size: 1/10" - 1/24" - 1/64"
Color(s): Shift from Green, Blue, Red
Inedible - Please do not consume

Product Details

Glitter Type: Color Shifting Chunky Mix
Glitter Size: 1/10" - 1/24" - 1/64"
Color(s): Shift from Green, Blue, Red

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Glitter Amount

All amounts are done by weight NOT volume to give you the most value for your money.

Chunky Mixes: 2oz
Fines: 2oz
Non-Sparkly: 2oz
Polymer Clay Sprinkles: 2oz
Shapes: 1oz
Ultra-Fine: 1oz
Mica Powders: 10g
Foil Flakes: 3g


We measure our glitters by weight not volume.


    - Nails (Should not be used in bases)
    - Tumblers
    - Arts
    - Crafts
    - Paintings


    - Resin
    - Gel
    - Epoxy
    - Acrylic
    - Heated up to 350°F

All of our glitters are solvent resistant.  It is possible that some chemicals can still damage the glitter so please test each type first.

Our glitters are not edible and should not be consumed. 

We only use PET polyester glitter. 

PET glitter is more durable and lasts longer than typical craft glitter found in most stores. 

PET glitter is solvent resistant, which means it will not break down when added to varnish, resins and other solvents.

PET glitter is non-toxic but is not recommended to be consumed or used in products that will be ingested.

PET glitter can be subjected to continuous UV light and very high temperatures (350°), without losing its shine, melting or degrading over time.  

It is made from polyester fabric film (which has a plastic base within the fiber).

PET is biodegradable, but does take up to 450 years to fully biodegrade.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
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Shawn Cowing
Probably my most favorite!

As hard as it is to have a favorite from ya'll, this is most likely it!! Not only does it make awesome Alien themed tumblers, it also makes a really good mermaid tail in a mold! Lol.


What an awesome color!!! I use in Gecko molds. Absolutely amazing!!!!

Mitchell Zwick
Great glitter. Great selection

I just love all the sparkle your glitter add to my work.

Marie Treloar
Martian Manhunter AMAZING!!!

When I applied the glitter to my cup I was dazzled. It is super shiny and lots of purples and greens and the shimmer in the light is just gorgeous. I will be ordering more because I have a feeling Halloween this will be a huge demand. Great job!!!

Nikkol Davis
Sparkle Forever

I can't get enough of it... I love how it looks in my projects...